Unknown Unknowns- The Work of Charles Doublevay 2005

An Uncertain Tale

Throughout Human history, there have always been tales of woe, tales of justice, tales of heroism, tales that help us define our reality against a background of chaos and fickle fate.   These tales provide us with a solid moral compass, which we use to navigate an uncertain world.

And there are other tales that truly defy the familiar and force us to question the nature of what we do not know.  Tales that disrupt.  Tales that disturb.  Tales that lead us astray.

 Such a tale is this- the story of Charles Doublevay, a man of many facets and passions, a man not easily defined. He was a man misunderstood in his day, shunned by his peers, but who remained resolute in his beliefs nonetheless.  He was a man who journeyed far into the world, but even farther in his own mind.