Monday, April 29, 2013

A few new portraits

I've been working for a long time on making my collodion outfit really workable for doing portraits.  As a creative form, I've admired many portraits, but I admit they've not been something I really was compelled to make myself.  But I do love the look of a tintype portrait.

Here are some plates I did a few weeks ago, experimenting with some new lenses, trying varying crops and lighting schemes.

Linda Sears

This was the best of the bunch.  I like the closeness of it.  The light is more frontal, with an open window for fill (you can see it in her glasses).  I was worried that the head being cut off at the top would be distracting, but I don't really even notice it.  The light backdrop is my slide-projector screen.

Linda Sears

Another one of my wife, this one closer in, about a tight as I'm able to manage, and I'm happy with that.  The close crop effectively eliminates the backdrop, making her hair the real framing for her face.  This one is with a smaller light for a fill, making her cheek on the right come out of the darkness.

Erdal Paksoy

Erdal, my brother-in-law.  I had him sit in a wingback chair, to get good head support for the long exposures.  I think his look is very pensive.

Jules Sears

Jules, wife of Erdal and sister to Linda.  I was really happy with this one, her look is intense but natural and the shoulder-tilt is effective.

Bryan Wing

Bryan is a student at Collin College who wanted to learn wet plate, we have a project idea we are working on-  tintypes of competitive beard-growing contenstants.  Should be fun!


I can't rightfully put others in front of the camera if I'm not willing to go there myself, so, a quick self-portrait in my darkroom apron.

For a first few efforts, I think this is some success!  But there are more kinks to work out and things to perfect.  Onward and upward.

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