Monday, February 24, 2014

Austin Facial Hair Club Beard and Moustache Competition- Feb 22

About a year ago, I was talking with Bryan Wing, who has been wanting to learn how to do tintypes, and the conversation evolved to where we had the idea of starting a project photographing competitive facial hair contestants.  Well, much planning and technical tweaking later, the project is finally under way.

I headed down to Austin this past weekend to shoot tintypes of the contestants at Come and Shave It #8.  Such great people- and some amazing faces!  I was certain I'd have to talk people into giving it a shot, but many of these folks waited in line for over 90 minutes to get their tintypes done.  I ended up having to turn people away at the end.  Next year my bearded bretheren, I will be back!!

For my first serious location shoot- the results were well beyond all my best expectations!!!

Hopefully, we'll soon be working more with the North Texas Beard Alliance and the Denton Beard Club. I'll be pulling together a Kickstarter project so we can attend the 2014 World Beard and Moustache Championships in Portland, Oregon in September.

The response in Austin this past weekend was fantastic and I am feeling very positive about this project.  I'm very very happy with the results, and I hope you all enjoy them too.

Eric Menz

Daniel Lawlor

Brian Damaged

Damien Stein

Hael Fisher

Isaiah Webb

Matt Van Hefter

Roberto Campos

Sean Leary

Shelby Przybyiek

Thomas Burke

Tim Coyle

Kyle Bauer and Cassie Kinard

Zach Stacey


  1. amazing photos ! AMAZING beards and mustaches !!

  2. very impressive, and thanks a lot for this.

  3. anyway i can obtain my tintype? i never came back to pick it up because of all the excitement.

    1. Yes! I have yours, Damien. I've just been a bit slow about getting them in the mail. I'll send it soon.

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