Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Beard and Moustache competition at the Cobra Brewery in Lewisville TX

The Beard Competitors project is progressing along (though Bryan Wing and I have been kicking around some nifty title ideas for the project, we haven't settled on one yet).

These events are really a blast, everyone has such a good time.  I have to say it is nice to have someone look at their portrait plate and holler "THAT IS TOTALLY BAD ASS!!"

And they are bad ass!

Bobby Joe Graham  

Boyd Conkle

Brett Strauss

Carlton Stovall

Clayton Jackson


Derrick Rima

Eric Adams

Gordon Peterson

Jackie Ellison

Jake Chico Pacheco

Jeffrey Sailer

Jeffrey Hannah

Manuel Flores

Rodney Flores

Stephen Hunt

Tex Morgan

Tim Burnley

Troy Martin

Velvet Strauss

William Ruffin


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  1. Wow these are so cool. Thanks for doing this. Looking forward to the next ones from Wits End